Council restores 180 units of housing to the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan

The entire “station area” within the EBSP is depicted. The 180 units in question would fall within the red outline.

At its regular meeting October 6, 2022, Boulder City Council restored 180 units of housing to the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan (EBSP).

On May 17th, City Council originally voted to slash these 180 units from the plan in response to an eleventh hour request from Corden Pharma, a light industrial plant located across the street.. The draft plan was then sent back to Planning Board, which discussed the matter on July 19. After receiving community input, including from BHN readers, and deliberating the implications, Planning Board voted to reinstate the 180 units of housing.  

Since City Council and Planning Board must mutually adopt any proposed changes in order to alter the EBSP, the decision went back in City Council’s hands this Thursday. Council accepted Planning Board’s desire to keep the 180 units in the plan

The 180 units at stake are part of the East Boulder Subcommunity Plan, which has gone through over 3 years of design, community input, and feedback. The week before City Council was set to vote on adopting the EBSP, they received a request from Corden Pharma, outside of any official feedback mechanism, to remove 180 units that would sit directly across the train tracks from the Cordon Pharma facility (see the area outlined in red above).

BHN readers helped to secure this good result for the City. We need this housing for our people!

More details about this project and the 180 units at stake can be found in our previous article here. You can watch Planning Board’s discussion of this topic here (beginning at 1:54:40). You can also read Shay Castle’s expert coverage of the topic at the following links:

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