Success! Council support for middle income housing at 28th St. and Jay Rd.

In a Concept Review on February 16th, City Council signaled strong support for 84 market-rate and permanently-affordable middle income homes at 28th St. and Jay Rd. Unlike the Planning Board, which sought to reduce the number of new homes at the location, Council looked for ways to improve the proposal while preserving its full housing potential. “We’ve been asking for this [housing],” said Councilmember Tara Winer, summarizing the mood on the dais. 

Taking modest, attached homes on small lots as a starting point, City Council’s comments focused on how to improve shared green spaces, reduce the footprint of cars, and create safe connections to existing bike routes in adjacent neighborhoods. Council also recognized the importance of setting the tone for development in the nearby Area III Planning Reserve, a 500 acre zone being studied for future annexation. 

It was exactly the kind of conversation we need to achieve better housing outcomes. And emails and comments from housing advocates helped to make it happen!

No votes are taken during a Concept Review, but the 28th St. and Jay Rd. proposal will likely return for a Site Review and final approval in the next year.

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