Silas Atkins

Here are Silas Atkin’s answers to Boulder Housing Network’s four questions:

1. Where does housing rank amongst your priorities for the three-year term you are
seeking? What housing policies or programs will you advocate to include in Council’s 2024-2025
work plan?

Housing is my number one priority as it is the foundation on which all other matters are built. It is crucial that we have housing to feel safe and secure and better engage in the Boulder community. I have a list of many solutions that must be tackled concurrently and with regional cooperation available on my website at

2. Where and by what means during your three year term should Boulder create more
middle-income housing? By middle-income housing, we mean housing that is attainable to
households earning $80,000 to $150,000 a year.

The quickest way to add middle-income housing is to build more housing stock to bring
down the market rate for rentals and home purchases. This can best be accomplished
by simplifying the permitting process for new and retrofit construction. This must be
done with a focus on sustainable and climate resilient construction.

3. What would you like to tell our subscribers that you will do during your three year term to
create housing that is at least somewhat affordable for middle-income residents?

My answer here is the same as above.

4. What are the biggest obstacles to creating the type of housing that you have just discussed,
and what role can City Council play in removing them?

The biggest obstacles are land zoning and permitting/approval timelines. We must allow
denser housing along transit corridors and especially where there are existing services
so as not to strain our infrastructure. Second to this is our willingness to make these
changes. We must take bold action to see more housing for everyone.

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