How to Listen and Speak at Planning Board February 3, 2022

Joining the meeting. The link to join the Planning Board Zoom meeting on February 3, 2022 starting at 6:00 PM is here. If you can not attend, please send a short email with your thoughts to Planning Board.

When will the Planning Board take public comment on the 3300 Penrose project?

The meeting begins at 6:00. Discussion of the Penrose affordable housing project is the first public hearing of the night, and will likely begin at about 6:45 PM. There will be a staff presentation of the project followed by Board questions and then comments by the applicant. The public hearing then follows. The Chair will call for people who wish to speak to raise a hand. When your name is called, unmute and then you will have two or three minutes to speak. For most people, that is 300-400 words. 

But what would I say to Planning Board?

It can be simple, and in your own words: tell the Planning Board why adding more housing affordable for normal people is important. If you can make the story personal that is great, but if you want to voice general support for housing, that is OK too.

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