December 6, 2021: Creating Housing While Limiting Emissions

Affordable Housing and Environmental Protection – How are they related?

We invite current local government officials and the public to an online training, Monday, December 6, 2021 at 7 PM about affordable housing and the environment. Presenters from the Governor’s Energy Office will focus on the connection between housing growth and development, and climate change, and ways to provide housing that can limit harmful emissions. The event is geared to local official who can help create affordable housing in ways that protect the earth.

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  • East County Housing Opportunity Coalition
  • Boulder Housing Network
  • Together Colorado
  • Sierra Club Indian Peaks Group, The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
  • Sustainable Resilient Longmont


  • Will Toor, Director of the Colorado Energy Office
  • Matt Frommer, Senior Transportation Associate, SW Energy Efficiency Project
  • Kelly Blynn, Transportation and Climate Change Specialist, Colorado Energy Office
  • Annmarie Jensen, Executive Director, East County Housing Opportunity Coalition
  • Macon Cowles, Managing Editor, Boulder Housing Network

This training is designed for new and incumbent council members, county commissioners, and planning staff and board members. The meeting will be open to the public but the interactive portion with Q and A will be limited to local officials and staff.

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