BHN is one year old this month, and YOU make all the difference!

We want your comments about how we are doing. Won’t you take a few minutes to answer this short survey on BHN?

We’re grateful to all the readers who take the time to follow Boulder’s housing news, discuss with friends and neighbors, vote in local elections, and voice support for more affordable housing. Your letters and public comments to City Council and Planning Board are making a difference! How do we know? City officials have told us that when there are reasonable, pro-housing comments in public meetings, opposition voices are not as extreme, and the tone of the meetings is improved. It’s not a good look to complain about parking when a housing advocate says, “I just need a place to live.”

As you know, Boulder has a new City Council. We’re hoping this group will make the city’s affordable and workforce housing a bigger priority, but we won’t take anything for granted. We’ll continue to produce this newsletter with the dual purpose of making sure our readers are informed about the city’s housing efforts and bringing the many pro-affordable housing voices in our community to the table.

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