About Boulder Housing Network

BHN aims to get more people involved where and when it matters most: in the early stages of the City of Boulder’s planning processes.

Affordable housing is an essential element of an inclusive and equitable community, but the vast majority of housing in Boulder is beyond the reach of low and middle income earners. Public hearings on new developments that will provide additional housing are attended by well-organized, wealthy neighbors who do not want denser or more affordable housing near them. Their voices are loud and insistent. The City needs to be reminded that there are many other residents who support ethical, attainable housing.

BHN is managed by a small group of volunteers.

  • Mark Bloomfield, Editor
  • Macon Cowles, Founder and Managing Editor
  • Kathleen McCormick, Editor
  • Kurt Nordback, Editor
  • Shawn Rupp, Editor
  • Claudia Hanson Thiem, Editor, @CHThiem Caitlin Ryan, Editor